SF86 & Associates' Drug-Use

I’m in the process of applying for government jobs that would entail a T5. I had questions on two potential issue areas I would sincerely appreciate some guidance on for how to proceed.

  • First-Question: I experimentally used a prescription drug that was given to me by a friend in college in 2014. It has been nearly 6 years since then but I still keep in touch with the friend. I have not engaged in prescription nor illegal drug use since experimenting since then, but I wanted to see if my association with this individual will be an issue for investigators.
  • Second-Question: A friend of mine in an online group chat I am in is someone I have known for a good while since high-school. He’s recently made references to marijuana-use and one of the departments/agencies/offices I am interested in said to not associate with illegal drug-users. I have hung out in person with this individual in a group setting but I have never witnessed any illegal behavior in such a setting and haven’t hung out with them one-on-one, always in a group. Do I need to disassociate myself from this individual?

I appreciate any guidance on this topic. Thank you!

1st. It’s not an issue.
2nd. It could raise questions. You are who your friends are.

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