Aren't you supposed to have a clearance to join this site?

I was under the impression you can only join site site if you already have a clearance (Public Trust is not a clearance). But I’m seeing lots of posts asking for help obtaining a clearance and help with a Public Trust. Don’t get me wrong, happy to help them but seems like no one is enforcing the rules (unless I misread them).

No clearance required. That would be a hard rule to enforce.


So I just misread the registration requirements then. Fair enough

I think you’re supposed to have a clearance to post your resume at but as @HR2C notes that would be hard to enforce. You might note that it is not especially easy to jump from this site to the jobs site, maybe that’s an attempt to enforce the rule :thinking:


Public Trusts are clearances for different government agencies. As a BI you end up working both National Security and Public Trusts cases. Just because you don’t have a “Secret or Top-Secret” doesn’t mean you’ve not been investigated and given assess to government information.

Lol… an investigation does NOT equal clearance… and No, a public trust is NOT the same thing as a clearance, they are different. No type of investigation is required for this site because looking someone up in the system of record to confirm an investigation for a chat website would be misusing access.


Public Trust is not a clearance.

Technically, Clearance Jobs sites do require a clearance. When you register, it challenges you asking if you have a clearance and are a US citizen. If you say No to either, it doesn’t allow you to proceed.

Here is a good guide describing the 3 levels of clearance.[](

Agreed. Theoretically though, when someone posts saying help with my Public Trust or waiting for my first clearance, haven’t they outed themselves? I’m not pushing for strict enforcement, really just an observation that, this is also a trust system and it seems like… see what I’m saying?

Many of the discussions are about the clearance process for first time applicants. That suggests to me that no clearance is required to participate in the discussions forum, at least.

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