Can I Check on My Public Trust

I had jobs on and off for many years that required a Public Trust. In 2019, my 15 years ran out, and so I renewed it for a job that started in 2019. That job is over, and I’m looking for a new one. One potential employer said that they didn’t see my SS# in there when they looked it up in the database. Is there any way I can find out what’s going on? Were they just looking in the wrong place? Is there someplace I can call that can look it up for me?

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Not unless you are active in the security process.

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It may be that it is just inactive. I know with secret and TS, etc they might still be valid within the time limits, but if you’re not actively working in a role that requires the clearance they may be inactive. If you’d return to a cleared role the clearance would be switched back to active.

Not sure how similar the situation is for public trust, but that might explain it. Maybe they didn’t see it in the system because it’s not active.

If you have one already but get hired for a new role that requires one, they may just redo it altogether anyway. That seems to happen frequently in my experience.

Thanks. But I imagine you didn’t have to redo the full application and have the background investigation all over?