Asked to write Letter of Support for Marriage - waiting on clearance

I was asked by my foreign contact friend (Japanese, who I listed on my SF-86) to write an I-751 Affidavit Letter of Support for him and his fiancée, who is a US citizen and also my friend. They will use the I-751 to help grant him pathway to citizenship through marriage. The letter is basically a statement from me saying that their relationship is real. The foreign contact also lived and studied in the US for a time.

The letter is not a contract, just something to help their case. Does anyone think this would impact my chances of getting a Secret (it’s being investigated right now)? I have not had an interview yet but I would be forthcoming about this if I decide to go through with it. They are both good friends of mine but I don’t know if this would jeopardize anything for me. I can’t really tell how much this would look like I’m susceptible to “foreign influence” since I know both parties in the marriage and one is a US citizen.

I don’t think that it would have made a difference even if you hadn’t listed this person on you SF86 but since you did there is even less of a chance.

The question for any investigator is whether this relationship will lead to blackmail or coercion especially if your foreign contact knows you have a clearance.