Foreign Marriage impact on father's ts clearance

My fiance is a citizen of the Dominican Republic and we are going through the “Fiance Visa” process. My father has a TS Clearance and I need to know how my marriage will impact his clearance. Neither my fiance or his family have ever been in trouble with the law and my fiance has been to the United States before on a work visa. He left the states on good terms and did not over stay his visa. We have been doing everything by the book but I am worried I may have, unintentionally, risked my father’s clearance, therefore, risking his job.

I can’t seem to find any information on how a foreign born son-in-law can impact someone’s ts clearance. If anyone has information or can point me in the right direction to find the information that would be great!

It should have no effect at all. I would recommend that he report the relationship to his FSO in case questions come up later but I doubt that it will go any further than that.

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Concur Ed. Since it pretty much goes without saying he has at least incidental contact, likely more than incidental contact with the fiance…have him report it. Otherwise having foreign connections in and of itself is not an issue. I have many foreign contacts.