ATS- DOE applicant tracking system

does anyone know how often or trust worthy the ATS tracking system is for DOE q clearance? Mine has posted the date the investigation was requested. But the second date of " when the investigation results were received" has been blank for a while and mu investigator told me the case investigation was approved by the reviewer, closed and sent to the adjudicator.

A friend of mine told me that that site can’t be trusted because his never updated until the day he got called that he was cleared and both of the last to dates were filled in then…

any thoughts?

Does anyone have similar experiences. I will live to know too

Yes since I posted this question about a month ago. I have learned that the ats system is up to date. Doe got my case from Opm today and it updated itself

The system is up to date, just not particularly useful since it only has when the investigation is requested, when it is completed, and when it is adjudicated. Realistically there is only one useful piece of information there.

However, one very useful piece of information is that once the investigation is complete, you can request the result from OPM. Which may be useful to you during the adjudication process.

Does anyone know if there a time lag between the investigation closed and the day the receive it? I was told mine is closed October 23rd but has not updated yet

I am going to answer my own question in case someone want to know. My case was closed 23rd October and updated oct 27th and show it received 27th oct. so 4days from opm to Doe and ats system is up to date

Mine took about a week from the time Opm closed to doe making a decision. I got my final clearance on 8/22

1week? I know I will not be that lucky

I’m trying to get my clearance for doe and my investigation requested date was March 2019
My investigation results received date was may 22 2019 and still havent heard a yes or know does anyone know how long that final decision takes ??

DOE does their own adjudications and the times will vary from site to site.