DOE vs DOD process difference?

Is there any difference In terms of process or office it has to go through for the security clearance .? I am seeking DOE security clearances and just had my interview after 10 months waiting. How much longer should I anticipate the wait?

OPM does the investigations, the transmits the results to DOE for adjudication.

I have no useful time estimates for you, my investigation took ~14 months. But you can check the status at: This will only tell you when the investigation is complete, but it’s something. Once the investigation is complete you can request the record from OPM. It took them ~3 weeks to send it to me after the request.

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How long did your adjudication take once the ats site showed your investigation was finished? I just saw that my “Investigation results Received Date” was 4/13/17.

It looks like u are a week or so ahead of mine… now I have hope… I submitted about a month before u did but I have my interview a week after yours. Hopefully I will see the reciception of the investigation on the website soon. Right now still empty for me

Jennynd, any news on your clearance? I received a letter that i believe was from the Adjudicator requesting further information so it looks like I am close to the end. Good luck to you!

No , nothing at all … very frustrating.