DOE Clearance, have heard nothing

I am waiting for DOE level L clearance to work at a company that makes nuclear components. sf 86 was submitted June 26, 2016 and I was told it was released to the DOE on 8/8/16. The NNSA applicant tracking system shows Investigation Requested on 8/16/16 and that is all I know. I don’t think any references have been contacted, nor have I been contacted by any investigator. I was told at the time of my interview that security clearance can take 3-6 months though I know of one that took a full year in 2015. The crazy thing is 10 or more of us were offered the position at the same time, one guy had his clearance in 2 1/2 months while another guy had his in 4 months and others have already started on the job as well. I contacted the hiring company and was told my case was still pending. I am just worried my case is lost in the system somewhere. Any ideas?

Not unusual to have your case untouched for over a year.

So about a week and a half ago I finally received a call from an investigator who let me know in the next few weeks a local investigator will call to set up my interview. Is there any kind of timeline such as when credit is pulled or when references are contacted and personal interview is conducted? This contact is the first I’ve had since August. I’m just wondering if I can expect this process to move along now and finally get a decision within the next couple of months.

Had my personal interview with investigator about two and a half weeks ago, credit had been pulled, nothing since, neither current job or any of my references contacted. Please tell me this is close to the end, well into 7 months now.

The process is indeed moving along. Slowly.

A decision within the next couple of months? Unlikely. But it could happen.