Background Investigation Completed

I work for the Federal BOP and am in my first year. Aside from my probation I am waiting on my final “background investigation adjudication”. I received an email on 3 March stating my background investigation has been completed. I also received an additional notification of new paperwork in my work file.

Stating the following

This certifies that a background investigation on the person identified above has been completed. The results of this investigation were sent to the security office for a security/suitability determination.

Agency Certification: The results of this investigation have been reviewed, and a final determination has been made. The signature and date below signify favorable adjudication pursuant to applicable executive orders.

Signed xxx

Question is; Am I good to go? Did I pass?

Yes, this is the Certificate of Investigation showing the type of investigation, when it was closed, and the favorable adjudication date. If it was not favorable it would not have been signed, and instead you would have been issued a letter citing the issues.