Being terminated in last 5 years?

I was terminated in 2015, and confused by the meaning of last 5 years. Let’s say it been 5 years 1 month, do I have to report the termination?

For example,
Job 1: 2010-2015 (termination 2014)
Job 2: 2015-2020 (termination Feb 2015)

I wouldn’t need to report job 1, but I still have to report job 2?

A termination in and of itself is not an issue, rather the reasons for it are what is looked at. If for performance then that is not looked at for adjudication. If for misconduct then it is scrutinized. If you answer the question as asked no one can sing you for being dishonest. If you provide the information up front it shows you are not trying to hide anything. Your call.

I’m confused by the information you’re providing. You were you terminated in 2015 but stayed until 2020?

I have no problem disclosing a termination, but when its past the 5 years do I need to close or do I have wait 10 years? I ain’t going to disclose something that is not true, and legally I am not bound to disclose.

For example, 1 was terminated on Feb 2015, is that considered last 5 year?

2010-2015 - 10 years ago
2015-2020 - 5 years ago or last 5 years

if you were terminated 4/15/2015 or later - you have to report the terminated because it was within five years.

Reporting your issue will not normally cause you grief, other than you might have to talk to an investigator to report your side of the story. If the issue (termination for cause) was outside the reporting period - you don’t need to report it.

Not reporting something asked within the time frame will cause you more grief than the original issue.

I see now, I guess last could have so many definition. The definition of last basically means from last occurrences to present or within. Let’s use your example, now its 4/16/2020. I get a Tentative job Offer today, and have to fill out a OF306. I would not need to report the termination, but depending on the background investigation type it would be reported on eqip.

You might have to discuss the issue outside the reportable time frames but you are only required to list the issues within the time frame asked by the form or an investigator.

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Thank you everyone and stay safe :slight_smile:

The date is essentially calculated based on when you submit your paperwork.

Let’s say I submit my forms today, 4/24/2020. The five year mark would be 4/24/2015.

Anything that occurred prior to that date is not required to be listed. But if it happened that you were fired on 4/25/2015, tough luck but it needs to be included.

The problem arises, however, when investigators go and speak with the employers in question. Even if an applicant wasn’t terminated from a job, anything negative that anyone working at that employer might say about the applicant will show up in the BI report.