What is the date of your most recent background investigation?

How can i find out the answer to this question without having to go through an FSO?

This is a question from a pre-screen that the employer sent me. I dont know 100% when it was. And i should be able to look this up myself.

can some one explain?

Call OPM and/or perform a FOIA request to get your entire file. It will have the dates. You can always put an estimate in there and then explain that it is an estimate in the comments section. You aren’t sure. Investigator will ask and it’s no big deal to have a discriminant set of info. Just has to be explained in the report.

Easier to estimate and make that clear. When did you leave the last cleared position? How long were you in there? If cleared Secret, and you stayed 11 years, chances are you cleared initially…and again 10 years later. They will see the clearance dates and being off a few months or unclear on the year is not an adjudicative issue. Tell them as much as you know.