Prior personal history statements and job applications

hi all, my spouse is stressing big time because they have to fill out this S86 paperwork (what they have been saying) and says they cant remember some of the dates they put for past jobs etc. on prior federal job applications to other agencies in the past. They are scared if they wont match the S86 paperwork then they will say he is lying and disqualify his top secret clearance? How can i get answers to this to calm them down? There stress is causing us issues. They are freaking out and i have no clue about any of this but I came across this site and hopefully an answer is known. thank you!!!

Don’t stress about it, just tell your spouse to list the dates and places as accurately as possible to the best that can be remembered. Not being able to remember some specific dates isn’t going to disqualify your spouse.


You can check the “estimated” box on the form

You can request all previous forms filled out and all investigation records through a FOIA request. Takes about 30-45 days.

Thank you for the replies! My spouse says they were not investigations ever just job applications. Does this mean he cant get them from the NBIB FOIA?

No. That link is for obtaining investigation records.

He will not likely be able to get prior job applications but it’s not likely that the investigator will dig them up either. As noted, tell him to do his best with dates. Few of us remember the date that we resigned from jobs held in the 1980’s . . . Many of us can’t remember the dates that we resigned from jobs in 2015! Even if they turn up that his resignation was in May or 2012 and he wrote down June, it shouldn’t be a big issue. People make mistakes all of the time.

Thank you for the reply. I will let them klnow.