Best and worst places in the US to work for workload, life, work balance as a investigator

I will go first, I have worked as a contractor in four states as a full-time employee. (Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Texas) I went Federal in October 2021 now work in Georgia. Countless tdys mostly in the west…

Hardest place to work (in my opinion, and from my experience), Houston, Texas. No real facilities, other than NASA. Lots of time in the car, very little time actually interviewing people. As a contractor would not recommend.

As a federal employee, houston has one of the highest locality pays in the US. So very little turn over on federal side. Not sure of workload on fed side.

Best place I have worked from a workload perspective? Southern Georgia. I have a major military base, very little traffic, people are cooperative.

OK, other old-timers… Where are your favorite places to work and where are your least favorite places to work?