Job Market for Investigators in California

Hey everyone! I am just here asking for some insight. My family and I are considering a move. We came to North Carolina last year (because of family) and have been struggling to find work in the area we are in. We are considering moving either to the eastern part of the state (Wilmington area) or California. I know those are two very different beasts, so just looking for some insight as to how easy/difficult it was to find work in California. Testing out the waters in Wilmington isn’t too difficult since I’m already in the state, but California…well, I’m sure its very different. So give me your thoughts on finding an investigator job, the pay rates out there, available work and anything else you think is important to note in the area. Thanks all!

Unless you’re moving to a military base, California would be the last place I’d move my family and I live here.


Are you already working as an Investigator? If so, you can get a feel for workload in the area and if your company would be willing to transfer you. If you’re not a BI already, don’t bother. I, and many other BI’s in CA I know have had little to no work for months. I recently left the field due to no opportunities in CA.

It’s pretty bad out here in Southern California… Los Angeles is generally the best county for work

I am. I’m an IC right now.

Oh good! Maybe if you want to work in LA you’ll find work here. Close to El Segundo there’s a lot going on. Not sure if that would be affordable for you, it wasn’t for my family. Can’t live very far from LA or most vendors won’t bring you on. SD and Inland areas aren’t doing so great.

I am a IC with 1 Force and part time employee with CACI . I have not received work from 1FORCE since April and I get 2 to 3 cases a week from CACI

2 to 3 cases a week located in different parts of the US… I have been working a lot of Hawaii cases

What is your background like? Even if it means starting low I would get out of the BI Field. If you are looking to move, there are several areas to look to for work. I would not move to CA. LA county is expensive, and close to a lockdown again.

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