Is the Investigator Job a Good One for Vets?

We recently had a veteran reach out and ask for ideal career options post-military. His background is in Army Human Resources Management and records-keeping. He also holds a secret security clearance. He’s also looking in the Washington, D.C. region but willing to relocate. It seems like background investigator would be a great role. Would the professionals in this thread recommend it (knowing he’s actively job searching and would ideally like to find something in the next 6 months), and what tips would you share?


It can be a great job. It can be a tough job. How efficient is he, how diligent, how focused, etc? What is the work load, what is the success metric? Washington DC is population dense but traffic can make it difficult to meet with character references etc. If one is roughly 3 hours outside that commutable area it gets easier to cover the territory, and feel productive.

Just saw a posting in my local area for KeyPoint Government solutions… they are of course looking for a BI and only paying 17.43 an hour to start… is the wage competitive for the BI position? I am considering applying for it… please any input would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this other thread on this web site about Keypoint investigator jobs

The starting pay sounds about right from what I understand.

Thanks for the response… I will keep it in mind after read Nv the other thread… just playing the waiting game with NBIB

Um, does he want to work 50 to 60 hours for a 40-hour salary, with no paid OT? Lose his hair? Get Shingles? Start a count-down calendar until his first year is up so he doesn’t pay back silly “training” costs and causing a situation where he is an indentured servant? And is a slave to metrics, and may be put on “plan” requiring daily emails of what is to be done, what is being done, and what was done in a single day on top of 5+ calls/emails a day asking for updates? Sounds like hell to me. Flipping burgers may be better…But hey, maybe his roll of the dice will be different than it was for the dozens of people who went through BI training class with me 5 years ago; and we think I am probably the last one still in industry.

No, I do not recommend this career UNLESS candidate knows the facts about what’s going on. And has agreement with himself to be a Contract BI in near future. Being a Contract BI is a good career. It’s night and day difference from FT work in current environment. So if he can hang on for a year, then switch over to contract role, I’d recommend it. Highly. You have your dignity back. And can actually make a decent salary on your terms.