Field Investigators in Baltimore area?

Hi there. I’ve been granted my clearance and I’m preparing to begin working for SCIS as a field investigator.

I was hired by the Columbia, MD location SCIS office but I’m contemplating a move to the eastern shore. I’m curious as to how that may impact my work. For those of you in the area, will I expect to drive in to Baltimore every day for interviews and such?

Does anyone have any insight?


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In my experience as an investigator with a couple of different vendors you’re typically required to live within the area you’re expected to cover. I’d run it by your field supervisor before you move. If it’s more than a certain distance it could move you into a different ORG which or may or may not have room for you, meaning you may or may not have a job if you make the move. I can’t speak for SCIS specifically, but that seems par for the course.


Yeah, it’s a certain mile radius that you have to be on. It’s based on your zip code. If your vendor doesn’t have work where you’re moving to, then you may not be able to move


You need to speak with your Team lead to make sure there is work where you’re wanting to move to. It has to be cleared first with them.

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Congratulations on the new job!

I agree with the other posts, check with your FM. If the area you move to is not busy then they will either have you commute to the busy hubs for work or let you go