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Hi all, I recently was hired by CSRA as a background investigator. My question is though, since this position is remote, does anyone know where I can work out of or not work out of? I ask because my spouse is active duty and we just got word we’ll be stationed some place new come September. We have some say in where we go but we can’t put in our preferences until we know where I can’t/ can work. I’ve already talked to my recruiter and they don’t really know.

You might want to look up other CSRA background investor positions to get an idea of where else they’re hiring for if you haven’t looked already. Do you have any idea where your spouse might have to be stationed at? Is it going to stay within the United States or overseas?

I have and unfortunately all that comes up is Falls Church VA where the
facility is then says it’s remote. But I know that doesn’t mean anywhere is
ok. I was told initially when moving from TX to GA that I wouldn’t have
been considered if I wasn’t moving from TX. And we will be staying state
side. If it was possible to go overseas with this job or something similar
I’d do it in a heart beat but I’m sure they don’t. We’d like to go Alaska,
Hawaii or Washington State or Arizona state.

I don’t think it’s a matter of where you can work from, but more so where your company has a need for investigators. You’d need to speak to someone with CSRA about working another geographical are.

CSRA had previously only been east of the Mississippi… have they gone national? Also, LinkedIn is a great place to search. Recruiters use it pretty often to post their high need areas.

You get into the contract investigations world and you will not have a problem being employed while you live near an military base. If you go West of the MIssissippi, Alaska, Hawaii, etc - I am pretty certain the contracting companies in those areas will happily accept a cleared - trained BI.

I’m sure part of it is a need but I was told flat out that I wouldn’t be
allowed to work out of the state of Texas. I lived at Ft.Bliss so there was
definitely a huge need for it but as I understand it, CSRA doesn’t have a
contract out there. It seems I’ll have to wait until my official training
starts to get a solid answer about this from a manager. Thank you for your

Hey! Peek on LinkedIn and talk to your recruiteR. Check the CSRA job postings near where your spouse may be stationed !

When is your training class ?

Yeah hopefully I won’t have to change companies so quickly but my training
class starts later this month.

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NoseyNewbie I would first concentrate on passing NIT. Once you have passed the test you can always have the discussion with your Field Supervisor. We do try to accommodate military spouses in this position. We are now expandning out west (HI, CA, CO, TX, and WA).

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Of course passing the NIT is my priority but my husband has to give his
preference list this month so that’s why I was trying to find out where
else we could go. Thank you for the expanding information, much

@NoseyNewbie Hey there, Well me and zippy34 start this Friday so I’m assuming we will all be up in Falls Church together in March. I definitely want to network with all you folks.

Hey Mwhite…looking forward to it! Are we supposed to do some kind of on boarding thing though this week?

@NoseyNewbie not until Friday from what I understand. @golive is a member up here who is two weeks ahead of us. She said the only thing we will have to do is activate our PIV card. We should be getting emails tomorrow about shipping notices and further instructions for Friday. Apparently there are calls that we receive at certain times. @golive can you weigh in on this?

Hey @NoseyNewbie & @Mwhite yeah so this week you guys will receive emails about shipments, schedules & other info. Friday you guys will have a call ( the email should say at what time ) & then for the next weeks it’ll be training phone calls that start at about 9am and end around 12 and then another call at 3. The 3pm one doesn’t last long.

There are daily assignments but everything is open book so it’s not hard.

Haven’t gone up and read the thread yet but If you weren’t aware expect to spend 3 weeks in the DMV area.

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@golive and @zippy34 for some reason our other blog board got closed down. I had just posted my personal email for me and zippy34 to make contact. I wonder if that is why it got closed??

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