OPM Background Investigator Jobs

Back in September, the OPM awarded contracts to the following companies to perform Background Investigations for the newly formed NBIB. The four companies are

CACI Investigator Jobs ~ CACI Company Profile

CSRA OPM Investigator Jobs ~ CSRA Company Profile

KeyPoint OPM Investigator Jobs

SCIS OPM Investigator Jobs

I’m also seeing other companies looking for OPM contractors

ISN Corp

So is anyone having any luck in talking with these other companies? I’ve heard CSRA is supposed to have a robust system and SCIS should be better suited for those with a more laid back lifestyle. Keypoint has changed over the years I’ve heard and CACI seems to be sharing the same. So what sets each apart from the other?

I have talked with both. As an independent contractor I plan on pulling from CSRA and SCIS while getting away from KGS. KGS has turned into USIS and we all know how that turned out. From what I understand SCIS will be paying contractors mileage, but when I interviewed they had not finalized thier compensation package.

CSRA has an interesting approach. They are proposing to begin with Tier 3 only. They are offering a much better pay package than KGS for the same SU’s and matching the time off. I have not talked to SCIS but the regional manager is the old district manager from USIS and that worry’s me. I think she should have been indicted along with all the upper level management from USIS but DOJ took a knee.

It seems like SCIS and CSRA are still unsure of when the contract will begin. It has changed from December and now we are looking at February. Does anyone have any info?

I don’t understand how SCIS does not have to offer time off in relation to the time worked SCA.
The company is offering 10 days PTO, but no time SCA time.
Is that correct?