Is the grass greener at CSRA?

Any info on working for CSRA ?

I doubt it. It doesn’t really matter which contractor you work for as they all have unrealistic metrics. The contracting companies need these inflated metrics to pay for the support staff that does nothing for the field. Also consider that the management at SCIS and CSRA have no recent field experience. I’m not sure that they know what they are getting into with the new tiered product line. OPM should be contracting directly with each investigator as it would be much more cost effective for the tax payer. Each of the four contracting companies have to create and secure their own back office technology, support personnel, and quality control. How is this efficient?

CSRA has been up and running for about a month now? Is there anyone that can tell yet if the grass is greener?

So far they have been professional and upfront. The first company I worked for that is honest about the SCA Health & Welfare pay and even provided a comprehensive PowerPoint explanation.
The OPM contract is a minor portion of the company and there has not been any of pressure I experienced at USIS or KGS. I expect things will change once they begin to get more work and expand their operations but it appears they have the right attitude towards their employees. They only hired experienced FI but are beginning to set up a new hire program.
I trust with the correct approach, this company will be a major player in the field and KGS will lose more of their experienced FI.
KGS is vindictive, petulant and corrupt in their treatment of the FI and is has been night & day compared to CSRA.
I know the honeymoon period will eventually end but I have no regrets leaving KGS.

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