Best time to apply to CIA?

I am a STEM graduate student who will graduate in May 2022.

  1. When is the best time to apply to the CIA? I’ve heard that new jobs open in April-May, however, some are available now; should I apply now so that I can still apply in the next few months should I be initially rejected?

  2. It looks like I can apply for up to 4 jobs at once. Is this recommended? If so, can I also apply for DO jobs or is this meant for specialists/military only? Wouldn’t want to waste an application.

  3. My parents were born respectively in the UK and Argentina, so I’ve had those citizenships since birth. Should I renounce them before applying? I’ve heard that foreign citizenships can be a boon.

Thank you sbusquirrel for responding to my last post.

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DO is NOT military only. Apply for whatever jobs interest you and buckle down for a long application and vetting process.

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Any job that requires a high level of access will probably take up to a year (or more) to process before you actually start, so apply ASAP.

Renouncing the citizenships would probably make things less complicated when it comes to your investigation process. You’ll still have to answer extra questions about it but it’ll be less of a mess.

Also, just a fair warning to limit the amount you talk about this specific agency before or during the application process. For obvious reasons they don’t want you telling many people about your intent to work there.