Potential CIA Applicant - Advice Needed


I’m very glad to have found this forum. I’d love some accredited insight into the world of government clearances and jobs, thus here I am. I REALLY appreciate any time / thought anyone puts into replying to this, as I am very serious about a career in intelligence.

I have thought about applying to the CIA my entire life (currently early-mid 20s). I have achieved a finance degree from top 50 business school with a 3.35 GPA. Additionally, I began trading alternative assets (cryptocurrencies) before my senior year of college (peak portfolio value >$200,000). I believe myself to be in stellar physical shape (bench: 225lbs x 8, pullups: 22, 1-mile: 6 minutes, 2 years boxing) as well as mental shape. Despite having been very social in college I have never used any drug other than weed (legal state - doesn’t matter, I know). I solely used weed to relieve stress from trading 24/7 markets. (I never owned a pipe/bong and would describe myself as a very light user.)

I have squeaky clean academic and criminal records. Additionally, while in college I held internships in: academic research, private research, banking, fintech. Since graduation I have worked nationwide in a degree-relevant capacity.

I had a fluke near-death experience late 2019 which made me re-prioritize my life. Essentially I began to care less and less about a career in finance and have been honing in on a career in intelligence. Let me state that pre-college I went into a Marine recruiter, took the ASVAB, scored very well, and was essentially told to go to college and then potentially OCS. (I include this to add legitimacy to my intensions to learn more).

Given this information, the last time I used weed was almost 3 months ago. I have exactly zero desire to ever smoke again and am aware of the CIA’s 1 year policy. Questions I’d like input on follow:

1.) Does this applicant profile seem competitive?
2.) What can I do over the next 9 months to increase my odds of success in achieving a job offer in Clandestine? (My #1 thought currently is to learn an Eastern European language.)
3.) Which job sectors / industries might strengthen my application? (ex. defense?)

Again, thank you very much for reading.

Hopefully you have records for all of these transactions. They started asking about crypto assets this year and want to see records. As far as the weed use, I wouldn’t bet on the minimum amount of time to show that you have mitigated it.

Are you sure this is how it happened? If you passed the ASVAB, there is not a Marine recruiter on earth that would pass you up unless there was some other reason. The officer recruiter and the enlisted recruiters are separate and I find it kind of hard to believe they would recommend you for OCS when they could have had you enlist right then if you were qualified.

Thank you for the reply.

Yep I do. Have paid all taxes in the past as well.

Yes I am sure. I scored a 98 on the ASVAB (of this I am 100% positive). With this score, they told me I could have my choice of MOS. I had athletic scholarship offers at the time and my family believes all of these contributing factors are why he suggested I go to college and pursue OCS after.

Thank you for your input re: not betting on the minimum time regarding the IC as well.

(Additionally I’d like to add I’ve been rifle trained since I was 7 and passed my hunters safety at 9.)

Nobody here is going to comment on your chance of getting a clandestine post in the CIA and it’s likely that you shouldn’t be talking about it here either.

Your resume sounds impressive but your not going to be James Bond, you need not have gone to Oxford to get a license to kill . . . Yes, I’m being tongue in cheek here . . . But, true clandestine activity is more about not being noticed than being a top scholar and athlete. You still seem much more suited to an analyst position which could be DOD, FBI, DHS or the CIA.

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Weed may be legal in your state but it is still illegal on the federal level. This may or may to be an issue but you should be aware. Any employment that may move you to another state may also make the weed a state crime. TBH I don’t know how they treat weed today. When I started it was never okay. If you can drop it completely it’ll help.

I do cryptocurrencies too, just be sure to pay your taxes on them and keep records.

Your profile seems competitive for many jobs but not so sure about CS. No Delta/Seal/Devgru/PJ experience listed. Don’t know if they want Yale folks or not either.

Personally the advice I give kids (18-28 = kids) is to become a Naval Officer and slide over. Go Navy, become a SEAL, then apply. Why do I say that? Because when I started at a TLA at age 36 I saw folks several years younger than me who were prior Navy officers. I believe there is an age limit for CS as well, and I think you are under that limit.