Book: “No Kooks, No Kings”

I just heard a podcast with this former U.S. government security clearance background investigator (he spent two years as a contractor). Thought it might be of interest here.

Too bad the Peraton/KP “Whistleblower” (tied to the FCA Case that recently settled in 04/2022) who ran the Internal QA/QC Departments for USIS, Omni, Kroll, KeyPoint, Perspecta, ect…then sat across from DoJ and OPM for almost 9 years in pending litigation (DCSA joined late) discussing in detail how the Contract Company’s Management and Leadership at all of these corrupt companies make extraordinary salaries with monetary payouts on the backs of hardworking Investigators and Investigative Support Staff, hasn’t written a book.

It would certainly inform Investigators of what “corners” they should not cut and what to do when they are told or instructed to take an unethical or even criminal “step” or “action” by Management that lacks any integrity on an Investigation, let alone fails to protect “access to classified” or National Security in general. Unfortunate there are even “action requests” that are given and then taken by Investigations as instructed by Management, all of which ultimately leaves Investigators personally open to prosecution by not just Agency OIG’s but other involved parties.

An SME or Insider’s advice and guidance would be valuable to everyone who works on these Contracts regardless of who their Employer is.

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If someone had to tell ANYONE about how Contractors behave then they have chosen not to look. I’m not much for posting here. However, the conversation has taken place since these type of investigations have become privatized. The government has no monetary motive as they are essentially a charity. Contractors have to make money as they are not a charity. I see the blogs about how horrible CACI is to work for and how numbers driven they are. As long as I have been doing this job (which is pretty long) Investigators have worked off the clock, cut corners and had the blessing of management who carry blinders in their front pockets. If you don’t like it and there is so much wrongdoing then make it all Federal. If the Government is not willing to do that then you get what you get and be quiet. The government gave contractors that green light when they began “timeliness begins.”

It appears in this instance, that the Federal Government definitely cared about the allegations/information reported, fraud, and any “wrongdoing” that was taking place at KeyPoint/Peraton (the most recent Whistleblower & FCA Case I found only involved KeyPoint.) Is there another FCA Case…more recent against CACI, as you referenced them in your above post?

The Government is the actual “Party” in any FCA Case that exists, regardless of who is involved. Only the Federal Government can file this type of civil action, they do so on behalf of the Agencies and Taxpayers. The limited and few details that were made public in this particular Case, clearly state that the United States (aka: the Federal Government Agencies involved) settled the Case resulting in KeyPoint/Peraton actually paying the Federal Government an undisclosed monetary amount for “damages” that the Government determined were directly violated by KeyPoint and were unknown to the Government previously. It seems to indicate the Government does care about monetary compensation and has monetary motivations to some degree or level.

-Since we never hear about Cases like this or even settlements within our Industry between Contact Companies and the Government, it would be extremely interesting to know or hear about some of the specific details reported by the Whistleblower (a peer) or any other individuals involved in this Case because the Government was completely engaged and for a lengthy period of time. The Government received a monetary amount as part of the settlement.

Unlikely the single Whistleblower in this Case or any Case for that matter, could revert everything back to the Federal Government. Would be great, however unrealistic. Remaining “quiet” and not reporting corruption is hardly an option, even inaction would not be a viable choice.

@Watchurbk- On a side note, very clever user name (makes me contemplate mine which is basic boring nonsense!)…“Watch Your Back”…wonder who should be watching their back & vice versa?!