KeyPoint "Cut Corners" on Security Clearance Investigations - Resulting in an Undisclosed Settlement

Published date 04/12/2022- “Long-Running False Claims Act Lawsuit Against Peraton Subsidiary Dismissed Following Settlement”

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They get sued about once a year. There’s another one going on right now.

The Case referenced above is actually a violation of the False Claims Act/Qui Tam Provision and dates back to “fraudulent claims” made against KeyPoint from 2011 through 2016, according to the case details. KeyPoint and it’s Affiliates have never been subject to such a Legal Action, ever. They agreed to an undisclosed Settlement Agreement with the United States Department of Justice in 04/2022, after battling in the Courts for over 8 years.

This is the same type of Legal Action that was filed against USIS and ultimately led to their demise in 2014 and the Oversight Committee Hearings which involved OPM in the Summer of 2014.

Thank you for the information. Usis had a stop work immediately order. When i got the call i was working a neighborhood and my sadistic, amateur supervisor called and said …you’ve been pulled off pips stop work now. I almost had heart failure because she made it sound like i did something wrong. Wonder why Perspecta/Peraton/Keypoint didnt get a stop work order? Maybe it doesnt count if you change your name.


Sorry to hear that you were suddenly pulled from the Contract while working for USIS at the time of the FCA/Qui Tam Case & DOJ’s actions in 2014. In my opinion, the issue related to the demise of USIS was never an issue or concern with Investigators rather it was with USIS Management…however all Investigators paid the price due to USIS shutting down abruptly.

These two FCA/Qui Tam Cases are drastically different in many ways. If I had to guess the primary reason why the outcomes are so different, I would say that in the recent referenced Case in 2022 against KeyPoint the Govt Agencies involved (OPM & DCSA) have been and are currently too reliant on KP to conduct these Investigations and deal with the backlog of Cases and as a result of this dependency, the Govt itself would suffer greatly to lose the workforce at KP and is willing to sacrifice “justice,” accountability, and quality in order to keep KP in operation.

Definitely agree with you on the many company name changes…“different name, same beast!” The Case does reference all the name changes (in the fine print) that KP had from 2014 to present and even hits on the recent deal last year in 2021 with Veritas.

Hopefully you were able to find a job you enjoy even more than USIS!

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