Positive Perspecta overtime lawsuit

Does anyone know anything more about this lawsuit? Perspecta recently settled this lawsuit and as a result, a large number of CA investigators received substantial payments. This settlement also appears be the reason that Peraton decided to generously start paying CA investigators full overtime rates a few months ago. A surprisingly progressive but encouraging move within the industry.

There’s another class action for fair labor standards that was just approved to proceed this month.

Do you know what firm will be handling these cases?

I think it’s Kastner or something like that.

Unfortunately, these legal Cases regarding the “classification of workers” and other “labor laws” are specific only to Investigators working in the State of California as the protection for worker’s rights in California are very different than in other States. In the State of California, worker’s receive time and a half for overtime whereas in other States a worker can receive a set overtime dollar amount that may not be representative of time and a half and most likely is at a lower rate.

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The overtime lawsuits and other labor lawsuits pop up every couple of years. There are only a handful of states that have labor laws they enforce. California is the only state that will actively pursue bad employers.

Businesses own (or became) the law makers in most states and the workers really have no rights in over 40 states unless a business violates a federal labor law. Even then the Dept of Labor has been gutted these last few years.


The lawsuits always seem to be a direct result of of inexperienced immature management who aren’t familiar with the labor laws in the states they manage people. It’s a sad story that repeats itself over and over. It is a positive thing that Peraton now pays full overtime rates and now has subtracts “break” times from source unit production numbers. Perhaps it will help them recruit and keep employees they so desperately need right now.

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