Why is This Company (Peraton/Perspecta/KeyPoint/Kroll) Still Allowed to Bid on Government Contracts?

After all of the various litigation lawsuits, employee complaints, and even an FCA/Qui Tam action filed against Peraton, aka Perspecta, aka KeyPoint, aka formerly Kroll, ect is this Company still allowed to bid on any Government Contracts to include the DCSA Contract? What does it take or will it take for a corrupt Company which is knowingly run by unethical Management to be banned from working on these critically important Contracts?

They have been sued time and time again for “abuses and mistreatment” they have inflicted on hardworking Investigators and Investigative Support Staff…everything ranging from violations of labor laws, illegal classifications of employees, wrongful terminations, unfounded corrective actions and baseless negative performance evaluations, security infractions/incidents, ect. Most recently in 04/2022, it seems they agreed to pay the Department of Justice and other involved Federal Agencies a monetary amount for alleged “damages” involving fraudulent investigative work in a settlement dating back to 2011.


That’s easy find out who’s on their board/connections. Same thing thats been going on since the 1996 privatization.

That’s a valid question. There is a lot of nefarious and corrupt things that have gone on in this federal background investigation industry especially for those of us that went through the Randy Dobbs, Bill Mixon, Chris Tillery, and Robert Calamia era at USIS when these executives were defrauding the federal government and dumping unreviewed cases.

The real question is why doesn’t the federal government provide us a whistleblowers hotline phone number for each agency where private commercial vendors are allowed to participate in federal contracting for profit. DCSA should have a phone number as should DHS, the Intelligence Community, etc. that is accessible for all Investigators that are employed and/or contracted with these private commercial vendors to report fraud and abuse that is going on from management and leadership towards the investigative and review personnel who are on the front lines of this work. The problem is that nobody knows who to contact within these federal agencies when there is wrongdoing and misconduct being done on part of the private commercial vendors. So we end up either resigning, leaving, or tolerating the abuse like a mangy old mutt that is constantly being kicked in the head in the corner by it’s owner without any repercussion.

I blame each federal government agency for not having the appropriate oversight of its private commercial vendors participating in national security work for profit.


I keep wondering…why all of the outside Federal Government Agencies and Contractor Companies that we complete these National Security Clearance Investigations for do not raise their hands and complain about this corrupt industry?

They are reliant on these few Companies to complete this work and to complete it “as they ordered” and paid DCSA for…if you paid to have every source interview conducted in-person and the whole Case was done by phone…did you get what your Agency paid for or the Case Product you requested? Definitely not.

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Definitely agree with you regarding the lack of action on behalf of the Federal Government and their responsibilities for oversight among other regulatory governance they should be accountable for.

*There is a tenured “Whistleblower” who worked for KeyPoint with in-depth industry knowledge and with detailed evidence, who raised their hand regarding fraud, waste, and abuse against KeyPoint in 2014 to US OPM and DoJ. In 2014, this Whistleblower raised specific concerns about KeyPoint Management corruption, Management cutting corners, fraudulent corrective actions to Investigators without merit, ect. Additionally, this Whistleblower has continued for almost 9 years in the fight to hold those responsible for corruption and wrongdoing to be held accountable. Unfortunately, this Case was just settled in 04/2022 and was done between KeyPoint/Perspecta/Peraton/Veritas Capital (and any other owner or subsidiary names I missed) and Department of Justice, OPM, and DCSA.

*It seems the Federal Government is not interested in making any changes or reform regarding the corrosion of this Industry and they certainly appear to blatantly ignore the actions of their #1 “profit for only profit” Contract Company, KeyPoint, from accountability on all allegations made.

If another Whistleblower were to ever come forward again, it might be best to start with something other than a hotline call or an OIG.

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