Thoughts on working for Constellis

I may have a chance to work for Constellis on Intel and DHS contracts. Anybody ever hear of them? If so, are they credible? Are they legit? I am currently at Peraton and I hate it because it’s high pressure and its a bad culture. Micromanaging along with over assigning work with unrealistic expectations. Also, I have never worked the DHS contract. Thoughts on that…is it really much different from DCSA?

Thanks for the input. Do you know anything about the DHS contract?

Why are you always posting on here if you just delete every comment you leave? Makes it pointless for anyone trying to read this a day or two later


Because the person I was writing to already read my response and everything else is a need to know basis.

It does seem strange to delete the comments. If they were “need to know” maybe they should not have been posted in a public forum to begin with.


If it’s a need to know basis then don’t post them on a public message board. And just because you deleted it doesn’t mean it’s gone, bad opsec for whatever “need to know” comments you leave lol

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I honestly had no idea whatsoever that anyone was interested in my random comments on a message board and was shocked that deleting comments would create such an uproar. It actually makes me feel kind of special in a good way, that so many people are interested in my comments!!! I promise to never offend again, or invade safe spaces, by deleting comments, may you find peace and rest for you souls now.

By the way I noticed nobody else answered the persons question about Peraton and Omni, so what’s worse, directly answering a persons question and deleting the answer, or not answering at all then being upset that someone else answered the question and deleted a comment? It’s getting weird in here.

Hmmm, maybe we did not answer because we do not know. I have not worked for Constellis or worked the DHS contract. I doubt my opinion would be very helpful. I am interested in reading the opinion of someone who does have the experience however. As far as what’s worse though, I would say it is worse to post “need to know” information on a public forum.


Constellis is well known, viable & serious company. I recommend for company reviews including interviews, salaries, insider pros & cons etc.
I suggest you develop personal contacts within companies to get more in-depth details regarding contract / program information. Use

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I have worked with them for several years and I’m very satisfied. Are you looking to work full time or as a contractor? I have only worked as a contractor and it is an ideal situation. They have DOD, DHS and some other contracts. I have not worked the DCSA contract so I can’t compare. Do you have specific questions?


I worked for CACI previously and then came to the OMNI side. A world of difference in my opinion. A lot of the upper level management within field ops started as investigators, so I think they sort of get it a little more than upper level management at other companies. Just remember, it’s all the same game though, regardless of where you go. I personally am happy with OMNI. I don’t feel like I’ve sold my soul.