What is actually the DCSA Contract

I have been in this business for 20 years as a CI. I am currently a CI for Paragon as well as ADC, OMNI and GDIT. Paragon recently recruited me for a two week training program for DCSA. They will send me the laptop etc. I previously worked the OPM contract in the mid 2000’s and hated it. Is this contract going to be the same or similar to the OPM contract.

Yes. DCSA is what happened when you crammed the NBIB (OPM) and DSS together under DoD.

It would essentially be the same contract as the old OPM contract for an IC.

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You should stay with your existing contracts and allow your blood pressure to remain as it once before or it is now. The DCSA contract is very onerous and the reviewers are like your English 101 professor in your first semester of college. All of the DCSA work is now done by telephone so if you like to sit in your bath robe from morn until evening conducting telephone interviews all day and on the phone like Jerry Lewis telethons then this work is for you.


I was also going to say it might be in your best interest to stay away from the DCSA contract. It is a clown show.


Thanks folks. I kind of thought that might be the case. I’m getting too old for Drama and micro management. Not sure what to do yet.

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Same sh%&show…different name.


I dropped out of the contract. Can’t deal with OPM stuff.

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If you compare DCSA investigative work to any of the other IC/DHS investigative work… DCSA wins every time. It’s more logical, realistic, practical, and in my opinion appropriate and ethical than some of the other crazy IC work. Some of the alternative contracts cross a few uncomfortable boundaries.

Can you expound on the boundaries issue, without disclosing anything you shouldn’t?

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The other contracts pursue some issues that DCSA would not and have requirements that DCSA does not care about. It often seems the investigation is more about creating/finding issues instead of the DCSA mantra of mitigating/resolving issues.


Thank you! I’m going to be starting some additional contracts, so I was curious.

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ISN Corp is recruiting for the Paperproof/Raspberry Beret contract. They are new to this contract and will be standing up their portal and personnel within the next month or two

Be very careful about spreading yourself too thin. The differences between the contracts make it very hard to keep 7 different contracts, guidelines, issues, triggers, requirements straight . I believe the more contracts an investigator works the more conducive to mistakes they are.