DCSA And what does this mean for contract investigators

What does the merger of NBIB and DSS mean for contract investigators like with CACI or Perspecta? I just started the hiring process with one of the companies.

Right now the plan is for the contracts, to include contract companies and their employees, to go with NBIB to DoD.

Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency definitely sounds a lot better than NBIB. I’m wondering how long it will take for new credentials to roll out

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I’ve barely scratched the latest creds.

My creds are pretty cheap looking and the paint on the badge is starting to chip off. There has been one or two occasions where someone has asked me if I got my creds off of ebay


I have heard that the plan is for NBIB to just transfer from OPM to DSS…complete with all the feds, contractors, and problems. I have to say, that I was optimistic about the change when I first heard about it. I thought that things might actual change for the better and some forward progress could be made with BIs…but it looks like nothing is going to change. Last I heard from the head of my company is that they aren’t even going to issue new creds. I assume that will change at some point in time…but who knows when that will be…

I assume we are all contractors on this thread…and the information we have received is from contract companies. I doubt they would tell us if we were being phased out as they don’t want their money makers to leave to find other jobs!!

I doubt they would phase out much of the contractor work force, there’s still plenty of work to be done. I would love to get on the fed side though. I’ve got a degree and veterans preference and experience on the contract but I haven’t heard a peep from the dozens of positions I’ve applied to over the last 6 months other than the referral notices.

Really, why the Federal side? You lose your mileage benefit, the ability to go TDY and I heard most of the Federal benefits are going away from the draining of the swamp… I also heard their production point system is harder. For example, say you conduct a ESI and later issues are developed that create a TESI. On the Fed Side, a TESI is not created, your just told to do a Subject Contact in which you get 0 points on the Fed Side.

The mileage benefit doesn’t bother me, I’d rather run a work vehicle into the ground rather than my own personal vehicle. Also I’d like to go to the fed side so I can start the federal retirement clock over again. Also I’d like to feel more like I’m serving the public, rather than being at the mercy of shareholders in a publicly traded company. As a contractor, I don’t get credit for a Subject contact unless it’s done in person.

Also, as far as the TDY thing goes, investigators on the federal side are able to go TDY overseas, rather than just in the states

Who said Feds don’t go TDY? I am on my third TDY with a fourth next month. We get the chance to go overseas twice a year - though there is talk with the new organization that those might be tours instead of TDYs in the future.

BTW - I get “points” for everything but a CE’d item. The point system is a bit complicated that’s all.

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Good to know backgdinvestigator. I’ve been TDY for pretty much the whole year since the start of January. I personally love it, hoping to see where they try and send me this summer.

My home org is primarily DOD. When the CE started last July, our schedulings dropped like a rock. I have been TDY about every other month for three weeks a shot to areas next to us that were buried.

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My org is primarily DoD as well. We are very current in my area. I just did some interviews this last week where the Subject’s filled certified their e-qip no more than 2 - 3 weeks ago


what region of the US is your location?

We feds get points for all of our work, to include Subject Contacts and TESIs. I just came from TDY and will go again next month, we go TDY, oh boy do we got TDY. Someone provided you with bad info about the Fed side.

May someone please explain what “TDY” means?

Temporary Duty, where you are sent somewhere else to work and get paid travel expenses to live in a hotel or something. I would imagine investigators also get a rental car?

Just hope that you don’t have to use the Defense Travel System (DTS)

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@sbusquirrel, is this only for Federal/IC investigators? If I get the FJO — I’d assume, I’d be offered this?

I don’t know as I am not an investigator. The term TDY is widely used in government.

That having been said, I don’t see any reason why contractors could not be sent on TDY assignments… assuming, of course, that their company’s contract includes travel funds.

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@sbusquirrel…: thanks!