Rumor that KeyPoint is Unloading Investigators

Rumors are always present and they certainly spread like a wild fire daily. One of the current fires on blogs and being discussed at the virtual water cooler is that KeyPoint Government Solutions is “unloading investigators” and “trying to lose the NBIB contract.” My name is Jennifer Boaz, National Director of Independent Contracts with KeyPoint and can say this is absolutely incorrect and has no truth. Not only are we committed to clearing and training 2000 new investigators in 2017/2018 to meet the growing needs of our Customers, we are also looking to work with new SubK Contracts daily. Attrition and vendor jumping is very normal in this industry and I, having first hand knowledge, can attest that there is no “unloading of investigators.” We have never been more committed to the success of National Security and the BI Industry. If you are cleared and looking to be trained quickly, reach out, we would love to assist in getting you into the field in a timely fashion.

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@JBCllc Thank you for the information. SCIS gave a number of us conditional offers and we have successfully successfully completed our clearances and been approved to work the contract. SCIS has now postponed things indefinitely and suspended any discussion regarding new investigator training. Further, any email response we get to our question tends to be extremely vague.

While many of us feel loyalty to SCIS for their sponsorship many of us are starving in the interim as we wait to start our jobs. What is the protocol for changing employers at this point, and have you heard any rumors regarding the reason for their sudden disconnect from us? This happened to individuals scheduled for new investigator training in both September and October by the way. Thank you in advance for any light you may be able to shed on this!

P.S. For bonus points, what is the Raspberry Beret contract I keep hearing about?

@JBCllc If I may push my luck, what is the compensation/benefit plan for new investigators with KGS; and what would the approximate frame frame be from application to starting training if we already have our T5 clearance? Thank you.

All you would need to do is go to the careers page at and apply to an open req. Once in the application you would note where appropriate your clearance level as well as the customer clear and your application would be move to the front of the line. I confirmed with HR yesterday and if all is in place you could be in a training class within 30 days.

As for bonus points, yes I have the answer but can only say this is a classified customer contract and you are required at KeyPoint to have 1 year of experience to qualify to work on it.

Additionally, start pay for a level 1 is 36K annually and in some areas have a 10K COLA payment.

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Excellent, thank you so much for your response!

Do you have an active SSBI and are currently cleared to attend the New Investigator Training (NIT) Course to become an OPM Background Investigator? CACI has an immediate home for you and can get you started right away!

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Have you ever considered ISN? ISN is dramatically growing in the investigation industry and actively and aggressively seeking experienced investigators for the OPM contract Our entire staff is dedicated to promoting investigator growth & satisfaction & respect from the field up. Our management staff has actual contract experience that runs from a minimum of ten years to 27 years.


@Derosa54 Do you know if ISN is recruiting new investigators or just experienced ones? Thank you!

We are hiring new investigators and experienced investigators and investigators that have no experience on the OPM contract but are experienced on alternate contracts, too.

CACI has supported the OPM contract since 2004 and we are continuing to grow. If you have been cleared by OPM we have training classes scheduled for the rest of the year and I would love to talk to you. If you are already a credentialed investigator, consider coming on board with stable company that has continued to steadily grow. I’d love to talk about your future with CACI.

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Attention to all investigative service provider, contractor managers and recruiters. This blog site is not intended for use to post or recruit job opening and going forward all solicitation posts will be rejected and/or deleted. All applicants, please go directly to the company website for information, do not solicit employment information here.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.