KeyPoint Offer?

Received an offer from KeyPoint, offer states nothing about the 12 month commitment but rather “at will”. Has anyone had a similar offer? I’m assuming either party can move on without a minimum commitment or penalty. I’m curious if this has anything to do with DSS assuming investigators in the near future and there may not be 12 months on their current contract remaining? Thoughts

Double check, and get it in writing if you accept. I passed on an offer from them in Jan 17, because they stipulated that once you accept their offer, you were on the hook for the cost ($7,500) for the BI, regardless of the reason- with a 12 month calendar minimum, working as a BI. The problem for me, though, was that they could not give me a definite answer of when my investigation would start, (but it could be up to a year) how long it would take, and how long it would be before getting sent to training.

It likely has nothing to do with the transfer of investigations to DSS. That has yet to be announced but the proposal has a year 3 implementation period. NBIB is to keep any cases they currently have and there is a plan to transfer NBIB special agents and contractors to DSS. I highly doubt that current contractors will lose contracts but even that is the case, they will stay on for at least the 700,000 case backlog.