CACI and DCSA parting ways?

So what is the story about CACI maybe not continuing on the DCSA contract? Truth or rumor? Anyone have any hard evidence?

Well they said they were evaluating next month

There is no truth to this as far as they have relayed to their staff. We will not know anything further until November 8th.

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November 8th is a long ways away for those of us limited on hours since late September. Transparency and financial assistance is best right now, none of which in my opinion is happening. But I’ve been through this before and having everyone jump ship for their own well being creates a headache for a company which still has work to complete for the customer.

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GDIT was lying the whole time. Now i understand that’s how companies do. They insisted the first RIF without warning was it and now just breathe easy. Then came the second, with an apology and admonishing to breath easy. Then came a surprise third and then an announcement that they were shutting down within weeks. Never again will I play the lame duck when the writing is on the wall… I would advise to at least start looking NOW. If nothing becomes of NOV meeting, then just fine.


I agree, don’t get complacent.

having everyone jump ship for their own well being creates a headache

Are you implying looking out for yourself is a problem? Should you and your family go through a financial hardship so some shareholder can make a few extra bucks to buy a bigger summer house?


I am pretty sure he meant (sarcastically) it creates a headache for the company. You can love the job, but you don’t necessarily have to love the company.

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I meant we wont get honesty from the companies due to their need to continue supplying a product. People certainly should bail and find a new job if their gut says so. My gut says so…apologies if you miss understood what I was saying.


Ah, no worries mate! I wasn’t sure if you were shilling or not. Party on.


Wow. What BS. If the company is going to screw over their employees so the bigwigs can get their golden parachutes, the employees should be able to do the same.