Can I get a job secret clearance with misdemeanor from year 2014


Back in 2014 I was stopped by a cop while I was driving with a suspended license in Florida. He stopped me because the way I placed my tag sticker on the license plate. Lucky me. I was given a date at court. I paid a fine of almost $350.00 and I was able to reinstate my driver license. I was never imprisoned for it. I just had to pay the fine. Is the only time this happened to me.

Can I get a job secret clearance with this kind of misdemeanor ?

Did that count as an official misdemeanor? I would say that as long as you have learned a lesson from your mistake (getting into a motor vehicle with knowledge of your suspended license), you have a good shot at mitigating it due to time that has lapsed and you rectifying the situation.

While a reportable event - this is not normally a show stopping issue.