First time Secret Clearance


I applied for a gov job that requires SC. My driver’s is currently suspended since Sep of last year due to not paying outstanding tickets. And because the pandemic it took a long time to work on it with the court. I paid most of them and the rest are closed. now the court wants me to get an occupational driver’s license with SR-22 insurance before I apply for the regular DL. since the secret clearance require you to be a good character(citizen), do y’all think that I can get disqualify?
No DWI/DUI. I am 29Y never been arrested or any misdemeanor/felony Not Even drugs/alcohol.
No accidents. only the speeding tickets with temp suspension. I have couple foreign contacts with my fiancé’s family they live in Europe.


I would advise that you do whatever you need to get past this situation and be in full compliance with the court. Anything other than that will only invite additional questions. I suspect the nature of the tickets might also factor into it (unpaid parking tickets vs reckless driving, that is kinda what I am thinking).

If you are paid up on the fines (and be sure you have documentation of that) and complying with the directives of the court I’d think you’d be in good shape.

There are some investigators on these forums who have probably encountered situations like this so hopefully they can comment on any other specific issues you might need to address.

Thanks for your advise brother.