Arrest and Traffic Warrant

I recently got a job offer that requires a secret clearance, however I am concerned with a recent traffic warrant arrest for a traffic ticket from 2008 and how this will affect me being granted the clearance. Also I do have a few other traffic warrants for another county that have not yet been resolved either. What advise if any can anyone help me with regarding being granted the secret clearance. Thank you.

The issues of concern and questions that will be asked will go like this: Why do you have traffic warrants? Failure to pay or appear in court most likely. Why did you not take care of them if you knew about them? Has to do with shirking responsibility and being unreliable. What behavior caused you to be ticketed in the first place? Inability to follow laws, rules, regulations.

My advice to you is to get the warrants lifted ASAP and pay the outstanding fines, or get on a payment plan with the court.