Public Trust Clearance Traffic Citation

Hello all,

I’ve recently started a new job which is going to require that I obtain a Public Trust clearance. I’ve never had try and obtain any sort of government clearance prior to this so this entire process is a new thing for me.

So far I’ve filled out and submitted my of-306, and have been instructed by my employer that I will also need to submit an SF-85p

Now on to my question, years ago I was cited in Florida for doing 100 in a 55 (Stupid, I know). The specific charge was “Speed in excess of 30 MPH of posted limit”. The citation was noted as an infraction and I ended up pleading no contest and obtaining a Withheld Adjudication judgment. I then had to pay a fine and attend a safe driving course.

The $ amount printed on the ticket itself was $350~ and after the withheld adjudication I ended up paying a fine of $250~ which was then just north of $300~ after court fee’s etc.

Just based off the definition on section 9 of the OF-306 I DID disclose this and provide details to the Date / Charge / Court / Amount paid in section 16. And will be doing the same when I fill out the other forms as well.

In the seven year reporting window I do have 2 other minor speeding tickets that are well below the threshold for disclosing. (5 and 9 mph over respectfully). Other than that, I do not believe that I have any other negative marks which would be detrimental to my obtaining this clearance.

I guess my question is with the above information how likely is it that this will or will not impact me successfully obtaining a Public Trust clearance.

Thanks in advance.

If you report them and pay the fines, you have nothing to worry about.

I’ve had more speeding tickets than I care to admit over the past few years while holding SAP access at the time and currently holding TS/SCI. I reported everything I was required to, paid the fines, and it’s been a non-issue.