Speeding stupidly

So, I’m 20 and kind of stupid. I have 4 total speeding tickets in my life and 3 of them happened within this year, one was back in 2016/17. The most recent one was a little suspect because the police officer gave me two different speeds, first 75 when he approached me and then 85 on the ticket so Im taking it to court. As far as the others they have all been dropped through defensive driving or payment and I will be going up for my security clearance next year in AFROTC. Do I need to be worried? I’ve obviously learned from my mistakes and don’t speed anymore but I’m worried it will get kicked back.

A propensity to disregard the rules of society can work against you. Now is the moment to say “I’ve learned my lesson, moving forward I shall behave.” If your fine is more than $300 it requires reporting. In my state you get a Plus 1 for each year without a ticket. Plus 5 is the highest you can get. In your case I would not expect the judge to assess you much in credibility as you have a rotten driving record. Benefit of the doubt will go to the officer. It is possible he was cutting you a break, then saw your record and decided against it and wrote it for what you were actually doing. I think you know how fast you were going.

My record is clean as of now