Oh oh super speeder

In 2 weeks is out of town court date to try to minimize double ticket for construction zone H.W. speeding 83 in (normally 70) a 45 while passing lanes “efficiently.”

3 weeks is EOD for gig requiring sec clearance. How critical is the ticket itself, and my efforts to downgrade it? Obviously I’d steer clear of any misreading of speed limit signs that change at state borders—but I’m almost inclined to just decline the job for one DoD that doesn’t require a clearance to be safe in case tix disqualifies me for upcoming one.

Are you bored? You make too many posts, many are seemingly redundant. And you ask a lot of questions, probably too many as an applicant.


I have yet to post anything on speeding, so this did query did not strike me as redundant.

I’m merely a new participant (and first time clearance candidate w a bit of jitters) who joined for the purpose of researching 3 or 4 different concerns in the 2 remaining weeks I have to prepare/decide.

‘My apologies to the community if this has been mis-use of this forum. If a (first-time offender) ticket that fast means I am not clearance material, I’ll decline the offer and this site, making way for the worthy ones.

Open tickets are bad. Do your best to settle it and close the case completely. Also if you have lots of tickets (1 a year maybe?) it can show your character and bring up additional questions. I’d think traffic tickets would be a reach though, everyone gets those.