Misinformation on my sf86 at meps (speeding ticket)

i recently had my security clearance interview at meps (i need a secret clearance for my MOS) the part i am concerned about was when i was asked to disclose any speeding tickets that were above $300 i was fairly certain i had none above that amount. i have two speeding tickets and one was $205 and i thought the other was 250 or 275 i knew it was around there so i said i had none. turns out i was wrong and that second speeding ticket was $350 my mom was changing our car insurance and found the ticket. The interview was around 3 weeks ago and i just found this out yesterday. Will I be ok and if not how do i go about reporting this i don’t want to look like a liar. It was an honest mistake

I’ll also add i have been ticket free for the last 15 months if that counts for anything. I definitely learned my lesson after the second ticket.


Were you interviewed by an investigator at MEPS or someone going over your paperwork with you (did they show you a badge?).

If you haven’t met with an investigator yet, disclose the information at the beginning of your interview. Explain why you did not list it.

no one showed me a badge or anything. Someone did go over it with me because i remember I had to switch a reference. At that point in time I was under the impression that my tickets were all under 300. that was around 3 weeks ago i just found out a few days ago that the ticket was more and that is why i’m kind of worried about it. I have not been able to find any information on this sort of situation any help would be much appreciated and thanks for the reply

It sounds like they were just assisting you in filling out the paperwork properly- you definitely would have been shown a badge. If you get interviewed, disclose the ticket information at the beginning of the interview. Bring to the interview all the information about the ticket that would be required to be listed on the sf-86 and present this information to the investigator.

when would you think this interview would take place because i ship out may 27th. and i am not scheduled to do anything until the day i ship. The person i went over it with worked at the meps station in the security office. (if that helps in any way). Just in case that was the interview is there anything i should do to try and amend this mistake?

You can let your security office know of your mistake. If you DO need to be interviewed, the investigator will track you down at Basic Training or AIT.

Hello, I am new to the forums and have searched for a while on my inquiry with no luck. I am in a position of public trust, not a true security clearance but still a position with an investigation. An employer listed me as terminated to OPM but I was not terminated, or in was not supposed to be so I listed it as not terminated. I also mad an honest mistake and forgot about a job I was let go from. It should have been beyond the five year but wasn’t. I simply forgot about the job. I don’t know how worried I should be as I love my job and I know it is very bad to omit information, and I surely did not omit it purposefully. Should I just kiss my career goodby now? Or is there any redemption.

Public Trust positions, although not granted a security clearance, are adjudicated in much the same way. It sound to me like you did not disclose information that you should have, which might be viewed as dishonesty or lack of candor. Did you disclose it to the investigator during the personnel security interview? If not then you will have compounded the appearance of deliberately omitting the information. Before a final decision is made you should be presented with an opportunity to provide your side of the story with any supporting information that may help mitigate the issue.