Recruiter issues

I recently went and processed through MEPS. Everything went fine and was sworn in. Given my date that I would be leaving. After speaking with my recruiter a few days later we found out that he did not include my entire driving record from the DMV when he sent my information up to MEPS. I had driving tickets that were not included with the paperwork he sent and I was not aware before I signed my papers and sworn in. My recruiter told me that he was looking into it for me. But I have trouble getting in touch with him recently to find out the status of everything. And this has me worried. Will he be able to fix my record so that it does reflect my entire driving history? And also could this keep me from being cleared to join the military?

Generally speaking, traffic citations (unless they were misdemeanor offenses) will not prevent you from being cleared for entry into the military. I believe that the MEPS Security Officer will go over your paperwork with you again when you report in to ship out. Make it known at that time about the tickets.

I was hoping that was the case. It was just speeding tickets and a stop sign violation which were minor tickets with just a fine. It just worried me that it was not on there and also that my recruiter wasn’t exactly updating me on the situation so far.

No worries. If the fine (not court costs) were over $300 ($350?)you must report on the SF86. Reckless driving, DUI, and the like can impact clearance. Routine, run of the mill traffic violations should not unless you have a lot. That indicates a propensity to not follow rules and regulations. A few years ago I pleaded guilty and embarrassed to a speeding ticket. The judge said “even I have tickets, no need to be embarrassed.” Because I had a plus 5 drivers license he said I was entitled to a break. In Virginia if you have 5 years no tickets, you are a plus 5. If the error was on your recruiter’s part it doesn’t reflect back on you unless it is of significant disqualifying importance. Like a felony conviction.

I have a total of 7 tickets. But I have not had one since 2014. And most were between 2006 and 2008. None were over $300. And 4 of the tickets were reported to MEPS. The other 3 were the ones that were left off. I do feel better now hearing from a few people that it shouldn’t be an issue. I just get paranoid about things like that affecting my enlistment. At MEPS they were very keen on pointing out that any misinformation would result in harsh punishment. And it was not intentional for me to do that when I signed all of my paperwork. Thanks for all of the help everyone :slight_smile: