SF85p Public Trust Clearance -INTERIM- - Police Record

Hello Everybody,

On June 2017 I got into an accident(at-fault) ,the police officer issue me 4 citations( that I have paid)
1st $130 ,2nd $140,3rd $90, 4th $110. and on the question: on the past 7 years have you been arrested for,charged with or convicted of any offense? leave out any traffic fine less than $150
My answer was NO

should I worried on getting an Interim because of that?

Thank you.

This should help



You didn’t state if you were “fined” under a misdemeanor. Assuming you weren’t, then omit. If you were, then answer yes and then explain the cause.

No it wasn’t a misdemeanor ,no DUI or Reckless.
Just a car accident and in Maryland state police officers issuing tickets to the driver at fault

Then it does not appear to meet the reporting criteria.

Thanks very much
I’m little bit worried since they have sent me proposal to denial letter (still on the way) apparently something is going on

They may see the four tickets as a single incident. If that’s the case, I still think that you will be OK. You’re just going to have a little bit of work to do in order to mitigate the issue.

Of course, you have only told us what the tickets are NOT for, not what they are for . . .

I received the letter ,and it wasn’t about those tickets but the Selective Service that i couldn’t register because i entered the USA after 31years old.

Now they want a copy of the original immigration visa or Letter from USCIS that proved it.
Im so short on time because they gave me 7 days to provide proof.

I would hope that you kept your immigration papers since you were an adult when you came here. But, you may be able to get an extension if you can show that you have requested proof from immigration.

i have send a copy of my original immigration VISA with all the US customs border stamp sowing date of Entry,and a copy of Immigration Visa summary.
Can I still get the Interim and a Federal job Without a Selective service Number?


I came back to give you update of my situation ,i realize that people barely coming back to give update of their situation most of the time. maybe unfavorable sometime thats why!

I finally got my interim ,and i should start within 2 weeks ,I am excited .

I appreciate all of you guys,Thanks

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