BI investigation

These things have you going crazy. I’m thinking back trying to figure out if I had a traffic ticket in 2013 that was over $300. I looked online and on my driving record and don’t see anything but if it get Non processes or dismissed, sometimes they wipe it out.

I already did my SF85P and put no… But now my mind is playing tricks on me.

If it comes up do you think they will let me explain? I means I listed a 13 year old violent felony, surlely I’m not trying to hide a dismissed traffic violation.

Most likely it will not be an issue for that level of investigation. But keep some notes on the steps you took to look into it.

Oh wow…somehow I missed that about traffic fines over $150 on my SF85P, I thought I had gone over the form with a fine tooth comb!

Im in California, so there is no such thing as a traffic ticket under $150, I just now checked my DMV record & it is clear so I printed it out. I also checked old emails & see that I went to traffic school 3/2010 which means the actual red light camera ticket probably would have been right around 7 years ago. I printed that too.

I am pretty squeeky clean so Im not gonna sweat this but Im glad it was mentioned so that I could print out the info just in case.

Where I live, you might get a “fine” of $25 but the total bill after all the various add-ons can be close to $150 if not higher. Probably good to err on the safe side and go by the highest amount.