E-QIP Traffic Fines

I plead guilty to a speeding ticket about 2 years ago, and the fine was $160.

Should I answer yes to the question below?

In the last 7 years, have you been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of any offense(s)? (Leave out traffic fines of less than $150.)

If yes, should I be worried about my job offer?

Thank you

Yes, it should be listed. For the most part traffic fines aren’t a big deal.

The most recent guidance is that traffic fines under $300.00 do not need to be listed or followed up on.

It is $150 for SF85 and $300 for SF86.

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Be cautious with this, I had a couple of speeding tickets that were around $210…however, the traffic fine, was only $25, the rest of the amount was court costs

Report it . . . Unless you were trying to run down pedestrians at the time, it will not affect your clearance.

My training guides say traffic fines under 1000 aren’t an issue anymore. Who the heck gets a 1000 dollar traffic fine???

Californians probably

After a couple DUI…it can be a couple thousand

Keep in mind that the fact that they are not an issue doesn’t relieve the requirement that they be reported.