Can I still receive a security clearance with mental health issues?

Would this stuff cause issues with “suitability”? I heat that agencies can be kind of strict…

Keep in mind that security clearances are only required for government positions and for organizations doing business with the government. There are lots of cybersecurity opportunities in strictly commercial organizations where a clearance will not be necessary.

The short answer is no, it won’t keep you from getting cleared. As someone previously stated, the wording has changed over the years when it comes to mental health. From what you stated, I don’t even see where you would need to list that you are dealing with mental health issues. While there is a medical release it is not required to be completed unless you answer yes to the mental questions. Even then, that release only has 3 questions on it to be answered.

I agree that there is no exact place for me to put any of this down. However, wouldn’t it look kind of suspicious if during the background investigation they found the 5150 police report and I had not mentioned it?

Mmmmm I wouldn’t find it suspicious because again, there is no where for that to be listed on the form. I’m not even sure if the 5150 would show up during the check.

Even when the gov sends a BI to my local PD and asks for files on me?

Lol this whole thing is driving me nuts.

I’m not sure because you weren’t arrested. I’ve been to police stations where they only provide a criminal/arrest record not incident reports. You can always contact your police station to see what they may have on you. Either way, prior and/or current mental health issues do not result in automatic denials.

Just answer the questions on the forms.
If it requires you to list it, then list it.
If it doesn’t, then don’t.
If you have doubts, then ask your security officer when filling it in.


Thank you for your response.

I talked to the police station involved. They say that they have a record of it but they will not disclose it to me. According to them they will only give me (or anyone) the record of the event with a judge’s order.

Title 5 USC Section 9101 requires law enforcement agencies to provide records to the DoD and other identified federal agencies by law… just saying. As an investigator, I carry copies of the law to pass out to law enforcement agencies whenever one tries to not give me what I want. One agency tried to say they could not give me a record because it involved a sexual assault. They took it all the way to the attorney general. Guess who won that argument. Read the directions and follow them to a T. If all directions are followed and they do get information that was not listed, when asked why it was not listed you can reply because it was not required. Good luck.


Wow, do people openly throw around that they’ve been placed on 72 hour holds in conversation?

Thats my point… If I read the directions literally, there is nothing to report.

I was never arrested or hospitalized, and nothing pertained to drugs or alcohol, etc.

However, I’m not sure what people will think if I don’t mention it and it is found during backgrounds.

Basically I don’t want to unduly incriminate myself but by the same token I don’t want people to think that I am lying by omission.

I think the question that more than like applies is: Do you have a mental health or other health condition that substantially adversely affects your judgment, reliability, or trustworthiness even if you are not experiencing such symptoms today?

Only you can make the call. No one can tell you what to put on your questionnaire.

I guess hiring an attorney for $500+ might just be the way to go.

Make sure they are a clearance attorney, not just a run-of-the-mill attorney

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I honestly would not waste my money on an attorney.


Just curious why is that? Because I haven’t received an SOR yet?

Because it is so minor. I highly doubt it would be an issue and don’t even see a reason to list it. Only time I’ve seen mental health be an issue is when it led to drug abuse or extreme misconduct.

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Just curious what about cases involving psychosis?

Psychosis is reported on the SF86.

A police hold, if there is one, for the suicide attempt would be reportable if there was a police hold involving an examination. A “hold” of any type almost always involves a court or judge somewhere in the process. If there was police involvement, there is a high chance there is a court record.