Tsa security clearance for depression

Hi, I have a question about the SF86 for the tsa. I was wondering if this would be disqualifying for my clearance. It’s a basic bag checker position, not too big. My question involves, would I be denied for my past mental health issues. Over 3 years ago, I was in a ruff patch. I dropped out of college, had no job, and basically back to living with my parents. I was depressed and contemplating suicide and volunteered my self in the hospital for a 72 hour watch. Everything was fine afterwards. I’ve been medically cleared now, doing well with my life and even started a family. However, would this effect my ability to gain the security clearance I need for this job? I’ve read the TSA is okay with it as long as it has been over 24 months, but I know security clearance are different. I just want to know if I’m wasting my time pursuing this? It was a stupid mistake, and I just hope it doesn’t affect my ability to obtain this position.

No . . . It shouldn’t present a problem. You wern’t order by a court or anyone else to seek treatment. There were no legal or criminal issues involved. People go through difficult times and what you did shows that you acted responsibly and got the help that you needed.

Not a problem, just a little more work for your investigator as they will have to try speak with your treatment provider.