Can you be cleared and not know about it?

I’ve been getting JOs randomly the last few weeks. Saying in general “We are impressed with your resume and we have a position that you meet the clearance level for. If you are interested call us at…”

I just got another one and it hit me that I’ve never posted having or pending clearance on any job board. I don’t even list my employer I just say “Business Intelligence Developer” at government contractor as my current job title. I do have my resume active on a few job boards, none are usa jobs or the like. Can you be looked up by recruiters for them to see you have security clearance?

I do remember when I started my job, and they saw the issue I had, they said they were going to wait to send me to get credentials until after my full clearance was approved for base access, but now that I recall I don’t remember the FSO saying I didn’t get an interim.

Probably not. You are just getting a pre-formatted email.

…or you have a previous resume floating around in cyberspace with the word “cleared” in their somewhere. Based on my experience, anytime I was contacted with those words…it was a fake job. The oversell is usually key. Real job offers normally contact and say I saw version X and I think you are a good fit. I send a current resume and then we start talking. But the hard sell upfront is usually a marketing strategy or fake job filling invoices where you get left holding the bag with fake cashiers checks.

Can you send me a message on fed soup @amberbunny ?