Career Step Advice?

Hey everyone. I’m currently working as a background investigator. I’m beginning to consider my next career step and wondered if anyone may have any suggestions for me.

I know that I want to be part of investigating crime (eventually I’d like to work terrorism cases or child exploitation/trafficking cases, but I realize it may take some time to get there).

My current role (as I’m sure many know) involves collecting the data and providing it to other people who actually do something with it.

I want to find a role in which I am involved in ongoing criminal investigations, doing more than just providing other people with data, but actually investigating and making decisions.

(Eventually I’d like to work in the counterterrorism field in such a role)

But I have no desire to be the “boots on the ground” person as far as going and making arrests, which is why I am not looking into being an FBI Agent or police officer.

Are there roles out there like I’m hoping for?

Sounds like you want to start in very specialized areas. That might be difficult to do. This is common in the military, people separate or retire and think they are going to start at the top or that job they really want. While some do, many do not. Your work history and skills will only get you so far.

I did the background thing for a year, and didn’t like it. Found a job using my military skills, mid level, making $70K. This combined with my military retirement and VA is more than enough. I was only able to land this job because of my military experience and willingness to take a mid level job.

While you didn’t state any other experience, translating BI skills into other jobs is not easy. I know some here will disagree, but that is how I see it. You don’t develop a lot of skills that employers are looking for. And with 20 million Americans out of work, jobs will be harder to find without skills that set you apart from others.

You might have to start with the “boots” on the ground job and gain experience and education to climb the ladder. JMO. Good Luck.

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Search under usajobs for series 1810, 1801 and 1802, these are non-sworn investigator and inspector positions with the fed. Any contract background investigator should be doing these searches regularly for opportunities with the fed.

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I would encourage you to pull up a job posting that you want and look at the requirements and compare it to what you do as a BI and analyze how your skills can transfer to that job. It’s possible (speaking as a former BI now in Persec).