Jobs post being a Background Investigator

Hello all! I am new here and new to the BI world. Coming up in November I will be 11 months on the job, unfortunately I am extremely unhappy and while I am here I want to do better and improve but also find other opportunities. I would like some assistance on what other opportunities out there, preferably out of of the BI/gov contract world, but I now know I need something more steady and need an office-like environment.

I’ve read a few threads and appreciate the content provided. Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you all!!

Transferable skills from this job might help you get into being a Personnel Security Specialist… basically assembling candidate packets before/after the investigation process.

Maybe a Data Analyst if you’re good at reporting and can compile sets of data kind of like how we analyze case papers.

I’d work on getting new skills since the pickings are slim after being a BI… IT is hopping so sign up for a couple certification prep classes or self-study to get some CompTIA and/or Cisco certifications. Learn LINUX and Python.

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Thank you buddha724. I have been seeing a lot of of IT/Cyber positions and will definitely look into getting some certifications. Thanks!

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