Starting over

Hi there, I’m new to this site, although I have been following the trends and news in the Background Investigation arena. I use to work for USIS and left (thankfully) in 2011. I have not been employed for these 3.5 years and of course my credentials are no longer active. I just got my PI license and I’m wondering with my 10 years experience as a BI investigator how exactly I can use this to my advantage. What kind of jobs that don’t require to have up to date creds and perhaps even working as a PI how to break into the field?

Have any of you gotten new positions after working as a BI but keeping that self starter/work from home type position? Yes, I do still want a position that I can work out of my home. Any suggestions, experiences or leads that you can share are greatly appreciated!!


Apply to KPGS. They will hire just about anyone with a faint pulse. No joke.

After USIS, was not sure which direction to go. Decided on KPGS. So far so good. No Regrets, in fact quite happy. Half of team with KPGS other half went to CACI. Either way, Its a fresh start. Work is the same just a different company. But I must say my motivation is higher and back to where it was before, Dec. 2012 when USIS pulled the PTO scam.