Background Investigation Career: It Will Never Be The Same

Folks, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know or most of us haven’t experienced. For most markets, full time work as a BI will be difficult if not impossible to maintain in any context in the future. We all know why: ODNI, trusted workforce 2.0, Continuous Eval, a BI glut, etc…There is no magic wand that will be waved to create more work. The backlog is gone forever. Sadly, I have come to accept this and have diverted my energy to seeking new opportunities and expanding my horizons outside of our industry. What will you do? I certainly don’t want to wake up 3 or 6 months from now and realize that I am un or underemployed in a dying career. I know all of us have differing opinions and regional experiences, but the averages seem to be the same across the nation: less work for all. What’s the next step? We can’t wait forever.


I’ve already started to focus on new opportunities. I’m sure that the big three will pull out all together as well

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I completely agree. You are doing the right thing to leave this industry.

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I have 3 interviews next week all from companies I’ve regularly visited conducting interviews. Always made the most if my visits.


What is your region? And are you just DCSA credentialed?

The reason I ask is because I seem to have plenty of work knock on wood in the DC area between working DCSA, RB, ICE, and CBP. I am also working on getting one more set of creds just in case.

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The only security in the BI business is other contracts. If you’re only on DCSA that’s a big problem.


I am in the Midwest. Yes if you’re in DC likely not going to be much of an issue given the work density there. Seeing posts here with more workforce reduction moves by DCSA vendors. The writing on the wall is getting bigger.