Success stories need from those whom left BI

After years on the job it seems more tedious, supervisors have no competency and only care about themselves to get ahead. All the hard work I put in for this job is never appreciated (I.E. adding numerous items to various cases).

For those that left, has it been greener on the other side and are you much happier?

I read a few responses of how others are happier and it’s like opening christmas gifts for me. I feel burnt out and hopeless.


Mad that I stayed so long. Left in June 2020, after 23 years. Now feel appreciated and enjoy my work. Feedback is appropriate and not just a reviewer asking for non adjudicative information. Can’t believe I actually thought it was going to get better.

I was a full time BI for almost 3 years before getting out and getting into the IT/Cybersecurity field, best decision I ever made as it is a lot more money and a lot less stress.

With that said I do miss the field a little bit and I have been in the hiring pipeline as a contract investigator for Omniplex so I won’t mind doing some field work here and there. If I could go back to 2018 and do the job as a full timer again I definitely would as the TDY opportunities I had were pretty awesome and work was plentiful

Sideshowbob…what or who do you work for now?

I work in network ops for DoD Contractor, most of my day to day is just dealing with general networking and IT stuff and providing support to users when they need help. So far it’s been pretty great and by May I’ll be finished with a degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Happy to see this conversation. Ty for getting it started. Looking forward to its advice and info!

I’ve seen many of my former BI friends move on into state agency investigations, Insurance investigations, security investigator/FSO for DOE contractors positions, even unrelated federal jobs.

The economy is tough this last year. Don’t lose hope.

The grass is MUCH greener outside of the BI world. Regardless of what you go into, chances are it’s a better quality of life. Things are tough right now but don’t lose hope; it took me YEARS of monitoring 3-4 different job search boards (Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn and so on), and applying to countless positions before I was able to get out.

And it was worth every moment of effort. I do miss certain aspects of the job, like being on the road and working with other BI’s on a case for instance, but overall, and I’ve said this before, it feels like getting out of an abusive relationship.